Sunday, May 29, 2011

Patriarchy and the low-born male

I would say it's probably true that feminism isn't entirely to blame for the state of things. After all, misandry and chivalry aren't anything new. The lie that women are chaste angels and men are horny beasts has been around for ages, but you'd think in our modern day world we'd be smart enough as a species to realize that no, all women are not pure and innocent, nor are all men bad.

Nevertheless, as so clearly demonstrated by the Slut Walk phenomenon, feminism's myth of the patriarchy, which basically states that women are oppressed and all men are oppressors, has led us to a situation where it's not kosher for a man to suggest a woman do something, even if it's for her own safety. Women can complain constantly about men, but if a man tells women that it's probably not such a good idea to walk around in a short skirt at midnight in a bad neighborhood, he's just asserted his patriarchal power over the poor, oppressed women, and therefore must be silenced.

Free speech is not a feminist strong suit, so when you speak up about these issues, you will be labeled a victim blamer, and by "victim" we mean women. Therefore, you are a woman blamer and a misogynist, because we all know women and girls are blameless and there's always got to be a man or boy to take the fall for the actions of a female.

Kind of like the poor butcher's boy who played swords with Arya in A Game of Thrones. He was not only male, but of a lowborn class, and therefore entirely to blame for the actions of another.

Today, all females are considered high-born and all males are considered low-born, as clearly shown by reading the articles that come up after a Google search for "men's rights".

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