Friday, May 27, 2011

Why American men have no reason to marry

From a commenter at The Spearhead

American women are garbage that I wouldn’t touch with a haz-mat suit (if this comment surprises you, I encourage you to get your passport, and travel a bit and meet some real feminine ladies from abroad – trust me, you won’t touch an American woman ever again when (if?) you get back)
Most children growing up in the morally decrepit West will not turn out well, and there is nothing that you can do to save them (because discipline = abuse): most girls will turn into the dirtiest sluts we have seen in probably 2,000 years and most boys will turn into depressed, beaten-down, sexually frustrated emasculated losers. Unless you are planning on having kids in a more traditional culture, it’s better to avoid fatherhood altogether in my opinion.

I agree that the vast majority of western women are not worth a long term relationship. Perhaps 5%? Probably less. And that's because they tend to have no sense of responsibility, honor, or humility. Even virgins will divorce your ass 25% of the time, and if she's had one partner the number increases to 50%. Five partners and your odds of divorce are 70%.

And how many college girls, indoctrinated with feminist man-hating bullshit, haven't had sex with at least five guys?

There's very little reason for a man to commit these days when he's the only one really committing, and marriage is such a raw deal for men.

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