Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Road Exasperation

I won't call it road rage, but I will call it exasperation. Mormon Man at In Mala Fide explained my thoughts pretty well in his article, Stop Whining.

I have an idea of how the world should be. It seems fair and objective. When people don’t live up to it – whether at work or my personal life – I vent about it and get frustrated.

A perfect example for me and most of the men in my life is road rage. I hate driving home from work and want it to take as little time as possible. So if I’m delayed because someone is too slow in one lane or isn’t paying attention when the light turns green, it really sets me off. Logically, I know that it really only adds three minutes to my commute at the most. But the fact that someone isn’t driving the way I expect them to instantly triggers frustration. It’s annoying.

Why are things so bad? One reason is that most people just don't think - they're either stupid or ignorant or both. And so when an asshat holds up a line of cars going 20 in a 25, then speeds up to 35 mph just as the light turns yellow to blow through it while leaving everyone else stuck at a red light, I can't help but vocalize a "fuck you" and hope he or she sees my middle finger in the rearview mirror.

When I am on the road, my goal is to get to my destination as safely as possible at a decent clip, while ensuring that I'm not holding up other drivers by doing stupid things. To me, driving is cooperative, and because I don't want other drivers to hold me up, I make damn sure I don't hold up other drivers. If everyone were to do the same, the roads would be less stressful and safer, though I suppose inept drivers who shouldn't be on the road in the first place would still be fucking things up for the rest of us.

If I had held up a line of cars and sped through a light at the last second like that, I would be embarrassed and mouth a silent "sorry guys". Somehow I don't think most people would, and it's not just ignorance - it's selfishness.

The ignorance, foolishness, and selfishness of the masses are leading contributors to why society is so messed up these days. While these traits of the human species are likely innate, they are probably amplified greatly by the fact that people today have no need to learn, to think, or to care for other people.

Technology makes it so easy to be a dumb unthinking drone, and our educational and legal systems do nothing to make people use their noggins once in a while to focus on what they're doing. Maybe if we taught children to fend for themselves and solve problems hands-on, maybe if we actually required drivers to be competent before putting them on the roads, maybe if we didn't make it illegal to drive 1 mph over a speed limit that doesn't always make sense, maybe if police officers spent more time educating poor drivers on the rules of the road and common decency rather than sending boys to prison for smoking a joint or having sex with a girl their own age or older... well who am I kidding?

A bikini body

A "bikini body" is merely a body that appears attractive in a bikini.

Sorry Jezebel.

And no, not everyone is attractive in a bikini. Please don't place the blame for your insecurities on me.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Concrete evidence of a woman's vicious assault? Arrest the man!


Police in southern Bangladesh say a woman cut off a man's penis during an alleged attempt to rape her and took it to a police station as evidence.
Monju Begum, 40, a married mother of three, told police that neighbour Mozammel Haq Mazi forced his way into her shanty and started assaulting her.

Mr Mazi, who denies the accusation, has been admitted to a nearby hospital.

"We will arrest him once his condition gets better," police spokesman Abul Khaer told the BBC.
But Mr Mazi denied the allegations.

"We were having an affair and recently she suggested that both of us can go and settle down in Dhaka," Mr Mazi told the BBC from the hospital in nearby Barisal.

"I refused and told her that I cannot leave my wife and children, so she took revenge on me."

So there is concrete evidence that the woman severely assaulted the man - a severed penis - and absolutely no evidence that the man assaulted the woman. And no, cutting off a man's penis is not "self defense".

Also hard to imagine how a woman neatly severs a man's penis - I wonder if he could have been asleep in her bed after their consensual rendezvous?

Wait, what am I thinking? Arrest the evil man! Throw common sense to the wind, you heroic white knight officers!

Something tells me false rape accusations and white knights who are glad to retaliate have been around for all of time. Women have lied about men attacking them since the beginning of time, in order to get other men to "let's you and him fight". It's just another consequence of chivalry.

Women specialize in any violence where there are no consequences. Whether it is violence by proxy or violence against their children or violence against men, they know they'll get away with it.

Oh Pussy Pass, if nothing else you are reliable.

Want to put an end to women's violence? Donating to SAVE would be a good start.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Patriarchy and the low-born male

I would say it's probably true that feminism isn't entirely to blame for the state of things. After all, misandry and chivalry aren't anything new. The lie that women are chaste angels and men are horny beasts has been around for ages, but you'd think in our modern day world we'd be smart enough as a species to realize that no, all women are not pure and innocent, nor are all men bad.

Nevertheless, as so clearly demonstrated by the Slut Walk phenomenon, feminism's myth of the patriarchy, which basically states that women are oppressed and all men are oppressors, has led us to a situation where it's not kosher for a man to suggest a woman do something, even if it's for her own safety. Women can complain constantly about men, but if a man tells women that it's probably not such a good idea to walk around in a short skirt at midnight in a bad neighborhood, he's just asserted his patriarchal power over the poor, oppressed women, and therefore must be silenced.

Free speech is not a feminist strong suit, so when you speak up about these issues, you will be labeled a victim blamer, and by "victim" we mean women. Therefore, you are a woman blamer and a misogynist, because we all know women and girls are blameless and there's always got to be a man or boy to take the fall for the actions of a female.

Kind of like the poor butcher's boy who played swords with Arya in A Game of Thrones. He was not only male, but of a lowborn class, and therefore entirely to blame for the actions of another.

Today, all females are considered high-born and all males are considered low-born, as clearly shown by reading the articles that come up after a Google search for "men's rights".

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why American men have no reason to marry

From a commenter at The Spearhead

American women are garbage that I wouldn’t touch with a haz-mat suit (if this comment surprises you, I encourage you to get your passport, and travel a bit and meet some real feminine ladies from abroad – trust me, you won’t touch an American woman ever again when (if?) you get back)
Most children growing up in the morally decrepit West will not turn out well, and there is nothing that you can do to save them (because discipline = abuse): most girls will turn into the dirtiest sluts we have seen in probably 2,000 years and most boys will turn into depressed, beaten-down, sexually frustrated emasculated losers. Unless you are planning on having kids in a more traditional culture, it’s better to avoid fatherhood altogether in my opinion.

I agree that the vast majority of western women are not worth a long term relationship. Perhaps 5%? Probably less. And that's because they tend to have no sense of responsibility, honor, or humility. Even virgins will divorce your ass 25% of the time, and if she's had one partner the number increases to 50%. Five partners and your odds of divorce are 70%.

And how many college girls, indoctrinated with feminist man-hating bullshit, haven't had sex with at least five guys?

There's very little reason for a man to commit these days when he's the only one really committing, and marriage is such a raw deal for men.

Internet Blacklist Bill

I guarantee this would be used to shut down men's rights websites and other sites that fight the status quo of ignorance and submission, such as In Mala Fide and The Spearhead.

Internet Blacklist Bill: http://www.avoiceformen.com/2011/05/27/manuels-inbox-internet-blacklist-bill/

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adolescent sex hysteria debunked by Male Studies conference speaker

At the recent Male Studies conference, Dr. Marianne Legato, MD, spoke on adolescent boys. She is the founder and director of Columbia College of Medicine’s Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine, editor of the first text on gender medicine, and founder of the journal, Gender Medicine. Her most recent book is Why Men Die First.

The problem with the adolescent male navigating that difficult transition from puberty to young adulthood is a disconnect in the timing of an abrupt increase in gonadal hormones that occurs in both sexes at the time of puberty, but which for boys produces intense emotional lability, and high intensity feelings, while the part of the brain that develops risk assessment and emotional control and stability, lags well behind. Girls do not have a similar retardation of that center of the brain and therefore are much less likely to incur the kinds of disasters that face adolescent boys until they are 20.

We also know that girls hit puberty earlier than boys. Girls mature faster, not only physically but emotionally. Therefore it is ridiculous to criminalize adolescent males having sex with adolescent females, when females are more in control of themselves. Recall that adolescence is defined as the period between puberty and roughly the age of 20.

Yet even so, they'll charge a 13 year old little boy for having sex with a 15 year old woman: http://falserapesociety.blogspot.com/2011/05/study-teen-boys-more-likely-than-girls.html

I can't stop whining!

Am I being too sensitive when I comment on the A Game of Thrones series and point out the subtle elements of misandry and gynocentrism in it? No. Misandry in the media reinforces misandry in our culture and only exacerbates the problems we face. Do we need more "girl power" messages like Arya Stark's arrow in a society where boys are already so denigrated, in a society where boys are already expected to behave like good little girls, while female teachers celebrate femininity and demonize masculinity?

It starts immediately after birth, when many baby boys are circumcized, an issue that's recognized as genital mutilation and a human rights issue of the utmost importance when it happens to girls, but is quite legal and even celebrated here. The misandry continues on through boys' early years and throughout their lives as men.

Only 42% of college graduates are male. Single men are almost four times as likely as single women to be homeless. Males are 93% of workplace deaths. Males die at least 5 years younger than females on average. Males who choose to marry stand almost a 50% chance of their wives divorcing them or forcing them to file for divorce, and a very high chance in these cases of losing the ability to be a parent to their children.

We treat boys and men like dirt, and we always have. (Who went to war? Who worked the coal mines?) Women and girls have always been the privileged, protected sex. (Who stayed home? Who was allowed to live on the Titanic?) It's called chivalry.

Feminism has only made things worse - so bad, in fact, that men and women alike are waking up to the injustices men and boys face. And we will no longer stand for nonchalance in the face of sexism.

Continuing my assault on the feminization of A Game of Thrones

Arya Stark, the young daughter of Lord Stark in A Game of Thrones, doesn't know how to use a bow and arrow in the book, but of course in one of the earliest scenes in the TV series the writers just had to show how strong-willed she is - by having her embarrass her slightly younger brother while he plays target practice by shooting an arrow past him with a perfect bullseye. Of course, he chases after her in anger afterwards.

So the message to boys- Girls are better than you, and all you can do about it is whine like a little baby and go chasing after her, you little shits. And everyone will laugh at you just as they laughed at Bran in the TV series. You can't win. Girls are better. Even at the things boys are supposed to excel at. You little sissies. HA HA HA.

If you don't think children read into these things, you're wrong.

Also, the man they call The Hound is supposed to have half his face burnt to shit, but it seems as if they try to hide it. Tyrion is supposed to be an ugly little bastard too, with a grotesque, misshapen face. But because the series, as with all things these days, must cater to women and their delicate sensibilities, The Hound's injuries are minimized when possible, and Tyrion is pretty damn good looking for a "dwarf". Ridiculous, and disappointing. The TV execs care about ratings (profit) - not accuracy, not honesty.

This is gynocentrism at its finest - consistently catering to women and girls while lambasting men and boys.

Martin's original novel is pretty honest when it comes to the relationships between the sexes, but it tends to have an absurd number of "strong, independent women" with very few weak-kneed damsels. In this sense Martin's original novel caters to women and girls. The only girl who actually acts like a girl in the novel is Sansa, who is the vacuous ditz of the novel. Most women I've ever met, even if intelligent, are not headstrong leaders at heart. Women tend to allow themselves to be led and protected by men, and they always have. In Martin's characterization of women, almost all women and girls are strong-willed leaders who fend for themselves, which has no basis in reality.

Martin also glorifies a mother's protective nature of her children, and shows Lady Stark and Lady Arryn as very protective of their children and in Stark's case, jealous of her husband's bastard son. He does clearly show that in a lot of ways, women care more about their own status than about the lives of their children, however. And that's honest. But with his focus on "motherly love", and lack of any focus on "fatherly love", he perpetuates the myth that women care for their children more than men do. After all, women kill their children far more often than men do. [NOTE: I had to find this through Google search since the government has since removed the study showing that female murderers of their own children vastly outnumber male murderers of their own children. I wonder why? Here is a copy of the image.]

Martin even recognizes false rape claims in the novel, and the injustice of being born poor, due to the evil deeds of the elite. And he certainly understands the complex dynamics of relationships between people, including men and women, as demonstrated by his original account of the relationship between Daenerys and Khal Drogo, which the screenwriters utterly corrupted by changing consensual sex to rape so they wouldn't have to hear complaints from feminists.

I've only watched the first episode thus far, and part of the second, and the show is very good. It's just too bad our cultural misandry has seeped into the series even moreso than in the original novel. I'm sure that over the course of the series, we will see countless maimed and murdered men in graphic detail, while the most we'll see of a woman or girl will be a body, no blood, or maybe a boob here and there. And women and feminists and white knights alike will complain about how the show is sexist for showing too much sex and a few instances of embellished violence against women and girls (a slap here or there), while everyone ignores the minimization of extreme violence against men and boys. And then we'll hear how A Game of Thrones contributes to "rape culture" and "our culture of violence against women," ignoring entirely that 300,000 male rapes occur each year in American prisons and jails, that rape accusations by women are extremely common, that men are more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than women, that women kill their children far more often than men, and that women are the perpetrators in domestic violence at least as often as men, and women are 70% of sole abusers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daenerys was raped!

I've only just started watching the HBO series, A Game of Thrones, based on the novel by George R. R. Martin. The portrayal thus far is excellent for the most part, but as of the first episode feminism has already reared its ugly head by changing a critical scene from the book in order to demonize men as rapists.

A self-labeled feminist has actually complained about the change, not realizing feminism is to blame: http://indignantfeministrants.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/why-hbo-why-why-ruin-a-game-of-thrones/

So I tuned into the HBO show, expecting to be pleased. And I was, for the most part. That is, until the scene of Khal Drogo’s and Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding night, where what unfolds (which I swore I had saw a clip for, I think off of Jezebel, but can’t find anymore) is a rape.


Today, I went back and started re-reading the book, and when I got to this scene, I was shocked. Not only does Khal Drogo spend an extensive amount of time trying to comfort Daenerys, but he actually asks her for consent. Yes, indeed. He explicitly asks her, “No?” when about to begin penetrative intercourse and she explicitly provides her consent, saying, “Yes.”

Now the book purist in me is DOUBLY angry. Screenwriters, you took a touching–even tender scene, and bungled it into a rape. Why would you do this!? What is up with the terrible obsession with the racialized rape fantasy? I’m disturbed and aggravated by this change. It would have been so much better to see their relation played out consensually. But no. Khal Drogo has to be even more “barbarian-ized.” Good job furthering the Other-ing of people based on the color of their skin.

Oh, right, because this is a race issue.


A rather lively commenter had the following to say:

I’ve only started watching this series, but with all the nudity and extreme violence, it’s quite telling that feminist’s rape hysteria would ruin an otherwise wonderful scene. These crazy feminists want to make all sex into rape, and to even suggest that, yes, even a woman forced into a marriage might CONSENT to it and ENJOY it in the end is too much for their little brains to handle. Of COURSE they must demonize male sexuality, because that’s what feminists are all about – demonizing boys, men, and masculinity in order to gain power for their insane worldview.

Thanks for posting this article. I Google searched it to find out if anyone else was paying attention. I’ll be posting this at Reddit.com/r/MensRights.

It seems you’re a bit confused – not surprising for a feminist, of course. The reason they ruined this scene is precisely due to feminists – can you imagine how much they would have protested if they had displayed Daenarys *consenting* to a forced marriage? They would have said the screenwriters were all “rape apologists”! And THAT is why the screenwriters ruined a perfectly good scene. FEMINISM.

Here’s another example of what feminists would just *love* to define as rape: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSHinT0i6G4

How far our society has fallen since even 1980. Thanks, feminism!

I couldn't agree more.

another edit:

I thought I'd share a few more choice quotations from the thread:

Feminism has created a culture where male sexuality is demonized and women are always victims, where all heterosexual sex is considered rape. It’s that simple. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand feminism.


I really do think it’s sad that we have so many people today who can’t connect the dots. How could someone not realize that today’s feminized society would react with anger if a woman was shown to enjoy sex with a man who has basically forced marriage upon her? What, women can enjoy sex even when they’re not in control, even if they were forced into it? What, a woman would actually start to fall in love and become the willing sextoy of a man who forced her to marry him? But I thought all women were strong and independent, and never like to be dominated? She has to be a victim, not a willing participant, because according to feminism, all women are victims, and all men are perpetrators.

Feminism certainly is a contributor, but it's not entirely to blame. More on this in my new article, Patriarchy and the low-born male.