Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Male rape scene in the movie "Super" and why merely verbalizing the word "no" would not have been enough to make it rape

As mentioned at Reddit, here is the clip.

Some people out there seem to doubt that this is rape. It is of course rape because he made it completely clear verbally, through body language, and with his resistance that he did not consent.

Some people still think that just saying "no" verbally is enough to make it rape, but this is false.

A mere verbal "no" is insufficient to prove rape- because sometimes people say "no" when they mean "yes", sometimes people say "no" at first, then change their minds. Sometimes, someone says "no" when their body language clearly says "yes".

Further information at AVfM.

When it comes to how most women communicate sexual interest, no often means yes, or it means maybe, or it means try harder, or it means not now, or it means a veritable grab bag of possible realities other than just a simple and honest “no.”

And here's a video demonstration of the concept, where Han "rapes" Leia.

Of course, if Empire Strikes Back were filmed today, Han would have been castrated and imprisoned for his actions here, and Leia would have spent her remaining years as a "survivor" lecturing stormtroopers - all men - on how they are all rapists.


  1. god how many times did dwight say no to her? jesus.

  2. Yes, he clearly demonstrated he did not consent.

    Leia, however, did not. :)