Sunday, August 7, 2011

A comment of mine at Zeta Male

Giving money that people who actually contribute to society earn to people who don't contribute to society is stupid, no matter how you color it.

Big government does equal bad. Small government doesn't equal good but it does equal better.

There is a difference between attempting to correct problems downstream vs. actually solving them. For example, affirmative action in college doesn't correct shit, because by the time people are in college it's too late to help them. Instead, it would be better to provide children good role models - hm, how to do this? Perhaps with policies that promote fathers in children's lives?

The problem is that you are living in a dream world. You don't solve women sleeping around and having children out of wedlock by making men pay for their at-will contraceptives. You solve it by making it shameful for women to sleep around in the first place, and you STOP fucking subsidizing it.

If you think unrestrained female sexuality is good for society, why don't you look at the world we live in and tell me how? How does women having children with "bad boy" men while having the child paid for by the rest of us help society? It doesn't. It ruins us.

And what you've got to understand is, it doesn't matter if it's mean, it doesn't mean it's "misogyny" or that it's not true. We live in a world where facts are facts, whether we like them or not. And the fact is, subsidizing single motherhood is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE for society.

On misogyny:

One last thing Zeta. You've still got some false notions about how people really are. I used to call myself a liberal, I know. Everyone's lovey dovey and people are good, right?

Wrong. People fucking suck, for the most part. And most people aren't downtrodden victims, they're people who got themselves where they are. People need personal responsibility, not handouts. The politicians who say otherwise are liars. The feminists are liars. They are doing it to line their own pockets - as always. You are probably a good person, so it's hard to understand this: there are a large number of people out there who are not. They don't care about anyone else, but they certainly claim to. These politicians and bigots who claim to be egalitarians and to want justice are lying. If you are a man like me, who truly seeks justice, and I think you are, you will see through their lies and try to do what's right. And what's right is NOT what these bastard politicians want to fool you into believing. Don't fall for it, man.

I think it's really hard for genuinely good people to realize that others are not so good. We project. And that's your mistake, Zeta. You think that people taking advantage of others by gaming the system are noble like you.

They're not.

And they play upon your good graces.

Also a great thread at Reddit where wavevector, a rather genius MRA, expresses his views:

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