Monday, August 1, 2011

A more thorough analysis of penis envy, which is really envy of the masculine

Now, these talk shows can't deviate very far from the general female consensus, since they would alienate the target of the show, which we know to be women. What we have here is a monumental slip-up in the human female psyche. What was displayed by Sharon Osbourne, the gleefully entertained mostly female studio audience, and the mostly female viewership that runs into the millions (without a doubt), was an anti-male, anti-masculine animosity that is possibly innately characteristic to women.

It's much more than the phenomenon that we know to be 'penis envy'. 'Penis envy' is a misleading term, as it focuses this innate female animosity for the male onto something purely irrelevant, such as male genitalia. It has nothing to do with male genitalia, and everything to do with the hatred and misunderstanding of male beauty. And no, I'm not referring to physical male aesthetics here. I'm referring to the cold, calculatory exceptionalism and intensity that males, and only males, have demonstrated and continued to demonstrate, over and over, that has led to the immortalisation of the male mind as the pinnacle of human accomplishment.


You know, I'm glad this evidence decided to show itself, because it's indicative of a very sick, demented and dangerous side of female nature. And it allows us to remember that, behind their pretty little dolled-up faces can lurk pure, concentrated evil. And that's exactly what men need - constant reminders that all that glitters ain't gold.

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