Monday, July 11, 2011

Casually throwing out accusations of "misogyny" is misandry

After posting a link to Ferdinand Bardamu's article on the Rebecca Watson meme at Reddit/MensRights, I noticed something.

Some Redditors seem to think that attacking someone's actions or views is "misogyny" - as long as that person (presumably) has female genitalia.

Misuse of the word "misogyny" is a form of chivalry, as it shields females from being criticized, a privilege males are not granted. The very act of using "misogyny" incorrectly also reinforces in the audience the improper use of the term, making it more likely for members of the audience to make the same mistake, and making it even more difficult to criticize women and harder to combat misandry. Perpetual misuse of the term "misogyny" has led the average person to interpret criticism of a woman as misogyny, especially if the critic is male.

Thus, using the term "misogyny" in this way IS an act of misandry.

Misogyny is the hatred of women, plain and simple. Ferdinand is not trashing this creature, who happens to be purportedly female, because she is a woman. He is trashing her because she's a bad person.

Is Ferdinand being mean? Sure. Call him a big meanie butt if you want. But to claim his piece is misogynistic not only is a lie but is also quite misandric.

Note how I have expressed doubt regarding Rebecca Watson's sex twice and also referred to her as a "creature". This was a demonstration of being MEAN. It is not MISOGYNY.

You might ask yourself who started misusing the term "misogyny" in the first place, allowing the twisted definition to propagate in our culture and thus barring all criticism of women. Could it be the same people who claim that anyone who criticizes feminism is a misogynist?

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  1. So true. Lately everything has been misogyny... which is just absurd.

    If feminists want to be taken seriously they should stop making claims about the male experience ('you hate women') that are so, so wrong.