Monday, June 13, 2011

Ethanol in gasoline

I noticed the gas I used today had an ethanol content of 10%. A Google search later I find the following information:

Ethanol has 34 percent less energy than gasoline per gallon, which equates to about 2 to 3 miles per gallon for E10 (10 percent ethanol), according to the New York Times.

And some other juicy comments that came up from a Google search:

Gas in Mexico is $2.50 a gallon? Saudi Arabia gas is 45 cents a gallon. Our troops have to pay $3.00 a gallon for gas over there? There is a movement to destroy America and our Society. Americans are being robbed!Why are prescriptions cheaper in Canada? Why does Cuba and Canada have better health care then we do here in America? Folks we are under attack by our own Government!! What has our Government done for America in the last 7 years? How many more good jobs can we afford to lose? Come out of your bubble folks!

That's from 2008.

Enjoy the high prices for corn while they last, farmer boy. Once the ethanol scam starts to cost politicians their jobs it will disappear as quickly as it's been forced down our throats.

Once more: ETHANOL = SCAM

Wouldn't surprise me. The government gives breaks to corn producers, GMO corn being mass-produced with seed from global corporations like Monsanto, which according to this article is "The Most Evil Company on the Planet" (and don't forget to watch Food Inc. either). Corn is used to produce ethanol. Ethanol is used in gasoline, and we must buy more of the 10% ethanol gasoline to achieve the same mileage, which benefits not only big agriculture but big oil, too, and the politicians, corporate fat cats, and big investors reap the benefits.

As usual, the people suffer while the unscrupulous "elite" grow fat off our slavery.

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