Thursday, June 16, 2011

Incompetence and unscrupulousness waste time in the "land of the free"

Over the last week my time has been wasted in the following ways due either to incompetence or unscrupulous practices:

- Time Warner Cable didn't show up at the scheduled time for our installation appointment. The fiancee wastes an hour to get a mere $20 credit for our wasted time waiting at home for them.

- Ikea delivery folks call me to let me know they're delivering to our apartment in half an hour, and since I'm half way across town running errands and a bit distracted I simply say "okay" even though they weren't supposed to show up until three hours later - that's why I was running errands and not already at home. So I drive back across town to my apartment and make it there in 25 minutes only to find that they already showed up at my apartment and then left after calling my fiancee and having her tell them to wait. Meanwhile my fiancee has been waiting for 20 minutes for me to pick her up while I'm on the phone with Ikea trying to figure out where the delivery guys are - who Ikea can't get a hold of. Ikea tells me if I have a complaint they can give me a fucking e-mail address to contact, so I let them know I'll be sure to let everyone know about their crappy delivery service and I need to go pick up my fiancee, thank you, goodbye. Later my fiancee called back and got the delivery fee refunded, or so they claim - I don't see the refund in my account yet. Maybe we'll have the pleasure of spending another hour to actually get our refund.

- Now my fiancee is in the process of trying to get our Time Warner Cable fixed because they decided to charge us $50 a month for high speed internet when we had requested the $25 a month regular speed internet (which they are now claiming is $30 a month alone). Not only that, but they somehow managed to cash only $72 on a check I wrote for $73. She's been on the phone for 40 minutes already and she hasn't even gotten to the check issue yet. Jesus.

Drives me to drinkin'! Well not really, but I just now received a flask in the mail that's a cheap knockoff of the brand I ordered from a seller on Amazon. I've put through a complaint to the seller through Amazon so we'll see how that goes. I can't wait!

I'm not a nitpicky person, but I'm tired of people wasting our time either through sheer stupidity or through calculated scams. And after they waste our time once we then have to spend even more time convincing them to correct their mistakes and compensate us for the hassle and wasted time. God damn.

Some of it's due to corporate or individual greed and the rest due to non-value-adding bureaucracy. Or maybe it's just human stupidity.

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