Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why the fuck do I need a social security card?

I am applying for a driver's license in Texas. I lost my social security card in the move, but I have to admit it was pretty worn out and in fact it always looked like a piece of shit, made from crummy paper and it certainly looked very easy to counterfeit. Here's an example card. I imagine anyone with a halfway decent printer could create a fake. (confirmation)

But apparently, in order to get a driver's license in Texas, I need to have this flimsy piece of paper. Now realize this. In order to get my social security card, all I had to do was show my passport and birth certificate. These are apparently enough to get a social security card, but in order to get an original driver's license I need both a social security card and a passport.

If a passport and birth certificate are sufficient to get a social security card, and therefore imply the ability to get a social security card, why the fuck do I need the social security card, and not just the passport and birth certificate, to get a driver's license?

Now, it's possible this has something to do with federal government versus state government. Perhaps the social security card verifies that the federal government has done some sort of check. Pardon me if I have little faith in the federal government, or any government for that matter.

More likely, it's unnecessary bureaucracy and a hassle, all for a flimsy piece of easily counterfeited paper.

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