Friday, July 8, 2011

Awesome article regarding masculinity and misandry at A Voice for Men

The damage to masculinity can be seen in the efforts to extend its isolation and confuse and vilify its identity. This is repeated in criminal, civil and family law, higher learning and academia, politics, sports and media. The male has achieved what is better defined as landed immigrant status and taxation without representation. America has become the land of the female home of the slave. Amidst the calamity of a fashion sensitive selection of a masculinity, the practitioner male who is selecting should realize there is only one central question he must answer. Who will this masculinity serve, himself or everyone else?


What we are doing to young males is pathologizing their gender. We are subtly planting a neurotic, overanxious confusion that can only migrate to rage fueled by social betrayal. The same could be said for girls when they are later in life labeled as a bitch for displaying aggressive behavior. The difference however is one does not suffer the violence of the state when misunderstood. By the time we introduce gender modifying tactics it is already too late, the child has already conceptualized his identity. We are simply undermining his understanding and ability to express his role, particularly if we remove his father as a role model, or if that role model is damaged by alienation.


Male role models however understand the potential for a successful exchange by applying chivalrous actions and are able to illustrate to younger males its value for personal gain. I am reminded of a young man who following the teachings of his mother to protect women, intervened unsolicited on behalf of a woman in a bar, he was hospitalized in a coma, suffering a head trauma. Her teachings did not include his safety or self-worth. Additionally a nephew who on the street admonished a man for the way in which he spoke to his partner and was answered by two blows to the head, the second blow from the woman. Clearly there is a difference between preaching masculinity and teaching masculinity.

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