Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nominations for persons of the day

My nominations for persons of the day after a few hours at the driver's license office in Austin, TX:

- Obese women who sit next to you and brush up against you until you move then giggle as their friend takes your now open spot.

- Government officials who provide insufficient funding for drivers license offices, with an outrageous shortage of parking, resulting in long waits and inability to park.

- Greedy landlords who tow cars in nearly empty parking lots with insufficient signage.

- Greedy towing company owners who charge exhorbitant fees and are perfectly willing to tow whomever they can get away with.

Selfishness and greed are humanity's strong suits. This is not a world for honorable, decent men.

Yes, I made a mistake by parking where I parked, but I didn't see the sign and I wasn't hurting anyone's business because the parking lot was nigh empty. If the government provided enough driver's license offices with sufficient parking or made renewal easier and less frequent I wouldn't have had to park down the street in the first place, of course. And if anyone - the landlord, the employee who saw my car, or the person who towed my car - had some fucking common decency I wouldn't be over $200 poorer.

Bravo, you got me, a naive soul in an unfamiliar neighborhood just trying to get his fucking driver's license. Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy your soon-to-be-worthless cash payment, because the dollar won't be worth shit in a few years.

Lesson learned. Compassion is dead. Near everyone will screw you over to fill their own fucking pockets and save their own asses, from the government pigs who spend money on misandry and getting rich rather than providing a functioning government service, to the employee who calls in a tow on a car in an empty parking lot to save his own ass and the people doing the unscrupulous towing.

I'll remember this when the shit hits the fan (the coming collapse). Don't think I'll stand idly by then while you try to screw me over, 99% of you bastards. I may be just a complainer and a bit of an activist today, but in a different world where evil bastards aren't protected by the government, I won't sit quietly by. And there are a lot of others like me out there.

Thank you for the lesson. It was a much needed reminder of why things are bad- human beings are generally rotten.

As I suppose is expected, the reviews for Austin Express Towing aren't very good, but it does confirm their unscrupulousness and that of the business owners who contract with them:

Seems like J & J Towing is even worse based on these reviews: Here's a quotation from a gal named Micaela:

This morning now marks the FOURTH time these criminals have towed my car illegally. ILLEGALLY. But what am I to do? They hide behind the law, but in reality what they have done to me is grand theft auto.

Anyway, yes, I made a mistake. But:

1- The government fucked up in the first place and contributed to my need to park in that spot.

2- The cost for my "infraction" is far too steep.

3- You shouldn't be able to move someone else's car that's been there for half an hour if it's not causing a serious immediate problem or harming your business. It's theft and extortion, and it's wrong.

In the wild west this type of shit would be settled with guns. You take a guy's horse because he left it tied to your tree out in the middle of nowhere for 15 minutes and someone's going to get shot. And nobody will be dusting for fingerprints.

More of Micaela's thoughts from her yelp review:

I wish there was something I could do to shut them down.. But know this, if ever there is an arson fire at J&J.. it was me.

Soon I think there's going to be a lot of people breaking bad against the assholes of the world:

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