Saturday, July 9, 2011

What being a feminist means to me

A poster at TwoXChromosomes asked, and here is my reply:

Feminism is a sexist power movement for women at the expense of men, boys, families, and society at large. It assumes men are evil and always to blame, women are perfect and always innocent, and men should be more like women. In short, it is not egalitarian but instead a form of misandry, or hatred of males, seeking special privileges and entitlements for females.

This is easily demonstrated by what feminism has actually done and not the platitudes regarding equality. For example, even though only 40% of college graduates are male, feminists don't care. They'd prefer to focus on getting more women into college in STEM fields even though women are simply not as interested in STEM as men are. This demonstrates that feminism seeks special privileges for women and girls at the expense of men and boys.

Feminist advocates are also well known for falsifying statistics in order to push their hate movement onto the rest of us, such as the lie that 1 in 4 women on campus are raped and the lie that only 2% of rape accusations are false. Feminists ignore all the issues men and boys face, even the ones that feminism has directly caused, except where convenient to appear to be about equality. Due largely to feminist campaigning, in the courts today men who are accused of rape, domestic violence, or child abuse are assumed guilty until proven innocent, and the "family" courts routinely destroy good men based on feminism's lie that women are better parents and that men are always to blame.

For a movement that truly is egalitarian and doesn't require lies to sustain itself, see

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  1. One does have to wonder how feminists can keep defending their obvious hate movement without compromising their sanity..

    I think G.Orwell may have paved the way with his DoubleThink interpretation..