Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Misandry kills (thanks government/media)

Misandry and feminism kill many innocents, including men, women, and children. From the families it has destroyed, to the war deaths it has caused, to the men who have committed suicide after losing their livehihoods, to the children growing up in single mom homes leading to a life of crime, and the men and women who are victims of hostility from the opposite sex due to feminism's gender war.

So government/media, please shut the fuck up about tobacco deaths (so you can tax smokers and fill your pockets), drunk driving deaths (rare as hell compared to death's from misandry, and it's not really "drunk"/impaired driving anymore, it's "the cops are going to try to nail you in any way they can whether you're impaired or not" driving), and pretty much anything else until you pay attention to the greatest problem the western world faces.


I don't want to hear another fucking word about Casey Anthony unless it's an analysis of the reasons why a woman very likely just got away with murdering a child and falsely accusing her father and brother of child sexual abuse, highlighting the chivalry and misandry still present in the American courts.

I rarely pay attention to the mainstream media these days because they continue to babble on incessantly about meaningless drivel while ignoring the real fucking problems. And that's just the way the government likes it - keeping us ignorant and easy to control.

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