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Relationship Advice for Men or How to Find and Keep a Good Woman

This article is intended as an introduction for western men on how to find and keep a good western woman.

First of all, you have to understand that a great deal of western women are not good relationship material - many are extremely selfish and dysfunctional, and it's because our culture has reinforced these traits in women. If you disagree with this you are in denial and I suggest you wake up if you ever want a happy life with a woman.

With so many women today being unfit for relationships, it's difficult for men to find a good woman, and men are in danger of settling for a woman who is "good enough". This is extremely dangerous, especially when these men start thinking about marriage.

Why? Because marriage is not what it used to be. In traditional marriage, divorce was extremely rare. Nowadays, half of all marriages will end in divorce, and the vast majority of the time the divorce is filed by the wife. It's called Marriage 2.0.

In summary, modern marriage is a raw deal for men, and a great way to end up destitute and not allowed to see your children.

However, there are some things you can do to avoid a terrible outcome.

Option 1: Avoid marriage altogether. If you wish, have sex with women, but don't settle down. "Game" will help in being successful with women as well as protecting yourself. Roissy is a great source for "Game" information. Although you avoid the pitfalls of marriage with this choice, there are still many dangers, such as the risk of false rape accusations, which can happen to anyone.

I'm not a big fan of this choice because I've grown bored of casual sex, I don't like catering to women to get them to like me, and the risks of pregnancy and false rape accusations are very real.

Also, a lot of men want children someday, and the standard way of doing this is through a monogamous relationship with a woman. (Though this isn't the only way.)

Option 2, and this is the most important section of this article if you want a lasting relationship with a woman: a) Choose a good woman and b) know how to keep her. Men today haven't generally been taught either of these things. We're told that women are sugar and spice and everything nice, and that if a relationship fails it's always our fault; we are not taught how to spot or avoid bad women. In addition, the media and society tell us to be nice, subservient boys who cater to women's every wish, and women will love us - but this is not at all what women want in a man.

Just look at almost every teen dramatic comedy - some insecure, overly romantic guy confesses his true feelings to an aloof popular girl and she magically falls in love with him over time. In the real world, the snotty princess leads the insecure guy on while she has sex with the quarterback. And guess what, the media isn't doing young men any good by teaching them that they ought to pursue snotty princesses in the first place, because they don't make for good women.

One of my favorite articles on how to find and keep a good woman is Avoiding the Fate of the Average Married Chump by Hawaiian Libertarian. If you read nothing else, read this article.

And here is a good article from Dalrock regarding "gaming" your wife, as well as a set of questions you should ask any prospective wife.

I realize that I've left out a key component in Option 2: In order to keep a good woman you must "get" her in the first place. If you aren't naturally good with women, you'd be wise to educate yourself on how they tick, and that means reading up on "Game" and evolutionary psychology. I linked Roissy above, and I'll recommend him again. Also, here is an introduction to "Game": Men's Liberation Through "Game" by Delusion Damage, and a reading list to get you started: Mailbag: The Literary Canon of Game by Ferdinand Bardamu. If you're already married or in a long term relationship (LTR), try Married Man Sex Life.

A century ago, when the divorce rate was less than 5%, it may have been enough for a man to simply have a job and be a good man, in order to keep a wife. Today, things have changed so drastically that if you don't have LTR game, you are opening yourself up to a world of hurt.

I will do an article on "Game" (and its flaws) in the future.

Finally, here are some of the things I've gleaned from these articles and my own experiences, regarding finding a good woman.

Things to think about when evaluating a woman for a long term relationship:

- How does she treat family? She will treat you this way in the long run.

- What's her relationship like with her father? If it's not good, neither are your chances for a good relationship with her. Also examine the relationship between her mother and father.

- How does she treat service people? She will treat you the same.

- If you were to lose your job and become a cripple, would she stay with you through it all and support you? Would you do the same for her?

- How many sexual partners has she had? 0 before you? "Only" 25% chance of divorce. 1 before you? 50% chance of divorce. 16 before you? 80% chance of divorce. Source.

- What are her friends like? Do they complain about their men all the time? Do they go out to get drunk all the time? She will very likely become her friends, especially if she defends their behavior.

Now, for anyone who reads this and still thinks the best way to find a good woman is to look for the first moderately interesting woman who talks to you and then cater to her every whim and beg for her attention, here is a guide for you.

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