Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Train your Boy

Have him watch the "How to Train your Dragon" movie, so he can learn that it's okay for women to hit men repeatedly.

Let me introduce blonde bitch and main character male.

Blonde bitch punches main character male in the arm.

Blonde bitch: "That's for scaring me."

Main character male: "What, is it always going to be this way, 'cause..."

Blonde bitch kisses main character male.

Main character male: "I could get used to it."

A match made in Heaven!

Let's see the roles reversed. Let's see a guy abuse a woman then kiss her, and have her say, "I could get used to it." After all, the kiss makes up for the abuse.


Don't forget, this is a children's movie. These people are teaching your children that it's okay for females to abuse males, and that males should like it! How screwed up is that?

Thanks Dreamworks, you asshats.

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