Friday, July 8, 2011

Women's lust for "hot guy" stars

One of the reasons I didn't respect many women growing up was because most of them were superficial slaves to their "gina tingles", which is verified by the fact that you can hear a cacophony of horny screams every time a "hot guy" star is on TV. When an attractive female star is on stage, you may hear cheers from the men, but you don't hear them screaming lustily like complete animals, genitalia engorged with blood.

With women, on the other hand, you can hear the distinctly female cheers of lust overriding everything else. They cannot control themselves, and plenty of them get sopping wet guaranteed.

Not attractive, ladies. Get a little modesty, eh?

And remember, it's not "misogyny" if it's true. :)

This is why I laugh every time I hear that men are animals who just want sex, and women are angels.

Here's an example of women's unabashed horniness being excused, and women in the crowd cheering her on:

That this short of shit is excused and encouraged as all forms of male sexuality are demonized is pathetic.

From BinaryShadow at reddit/mensrights:

It's also perfectly fine for the women in the audience to cat call like he's a piece of meat. Had men done that to an attractive woman they would have been warned and then escorted out the premises (if she wasn't "offended" by them. If she was they would have been arrested).


  1. Nah, I don't think this is the end of the argument. See here:

    It is a short comedy, but I think it gets the point across- men are not modest. We're doing this to each other.

  2. I've seen that video before. It's bullshit.

    Women are horny sluts for "alpha" guys, and they are very obvious about it. They may be more selective, but that's not the point. Women think about sex just as often as men, if not more. Guys have the ability to tone it down and have a lot more control over themselves, whereas women don't seem to (if there's a sexy individual of the opposite sex).

  3. There's a reason men have invented 99% of everything useful. It's easy for us to focus on things while completely ignoring the desire for sex.

    If men were as horny as women, you wouldn't spend the time you do on comedy.

  4. Men might focus on the ideals of invention and career significantly more than (most) women do, but that doesn't mean all women are just spending their time getting horny over men. Though the feminist movement might disagree with me, the women I talk with tend to focus on social relationships- caregiving, friends, and the like.

    Note: I agree that the video is a bit of an exaggeration- I think male strip clubs could be something to take off (Personally, I doubt it would become as successful and widespread as female strip clubs).

    However, not all men are gentlemen, nor all ladies "gentle-ladies." There are obvious examples of perverts for each sex.

    I have seen men honk horns at women, and yell out their windows. I have seen men watch women and lick their lips, like some sort of pavlov dog... However, I never catch women doing this. I might see them eyeing me/other men from a distance, or trying to shop for the same things I am... But never to an extent that some men will go. Your video was a unique insight for me.

    Now, addressing your "female cheers of lust" comment in the blog- From my own experience, women sometimes just scream for the sake of hearing other women screaming. That sounds COMPLETELY retarded, but I have seen it happen too many times to not suggest that it is a thing. Some of your lust might be caught up into the hype of screaming.

    All this being said, if a man ended up saying what that woman said in your video clip... He would be fired/impeached/ostracized. I agree with this point wholeheartedly. Its a sick double standard. I just don't think one side is better than the other.

  5. Yes, Anthony, but women have this tendency to confuse their lust with something else. A man who lusts after a woman tends to realize it's just lust moreso than a woman who lusts after a man and then comes to believe he's "so nice" and "so talented" when really she just wants that dick inside her.

    That's why women who vote confuse their lust for attractive politicians with actually agreeing with their policies. Some men do this too, but think about it. How many guys go to concerts just because an attractive woman or girl is playing? Some. How many girls go to concerts just because an attractive man or boy (duh, Justin Bieber) is there? Plenty.

    The truth is that the reason so many pop singers today, whether male OR female, basically *have* to be attractive is that women, the ultimate consumer whores, tend to desire attractive singers. In women, they want a role model. In men, they want a sex object.

    Men, on the other hand, though we appreciate good looks, we tend to go to concerts because we like the fucking music, not because we are horny or look up to the person and thus convince ourselves we like the fucking music.

    Onto the reasons men are sometimes more outgoing with their catcalls - it is expected. Men are expected to be the initiators and the ones who take risks in dating. Women are expected to be more demure, and so in a situation where they can be identified - rather than being just one in a screaming horde of lusting women cheering after some pop star - they tend not to catcall as much, though this is changing as women become less and less responsible for their own actions in our society, and can get away with just about anything.

    There are a couple reasons female strip clubs are more popular than male strip clubs. If a woman is feeling needy, she's far more likely to find a man to settle down with, which isn't hard to do for a woman. If that doesn't pan out immediately, it's easy enough for almost any woman to find numerous guys willing to sleep with her. So women are rarely ever as lacking in sexual outlets as men are. Women are also hypergamous, so are more satisfied with one person, whereas men are polygamous and desire as many women as possible. Even a man like me in a serious long term relationship will always have desire for other attractive women, because men crave new things, we crave variety, it's in our nature.

    So, yes, in many ways guys and gals are similar, but there are distinct differences due either to biology or sociology.

    My greatest concern with women's tendency to confuse shallow characteristics with real character is that as women gained the right to vote it became easier for politicians to be charlatans and still fool enough of the populace to remain in power. Women's suffrage is a nice ideal, but look where it got us.

  6. Hmm? I agree with the first part of this last post, but the last 3 paragraphs are crap. Men for centuries have had license to be as sexual as they want without worry about violence against them. And, that's a good thing. That's how it should be for both genders! It's like what the previous person said Men go to concerts because they like the fucking music. They don't feel any need to hide their sexuality under anything. Women on the other hand have always and still do have to cloak their sexuality in all its forms to keep themselves "safe" in one form or another, and women who are openly sexually are openly called sluts. Most women/girls don't want that label. There is no equivalent for men. Male slut is almost a compliment for crying out loud. Even if men feel bad about how people are now starting to call them on this- I keep hearing men say they want to fuck everything that moves, seriously. why in god's earth does anyone get married if that's the case. What the f? really? And, everyone knows the prevailing notion- 'well, boys will be boys. It's just your nature' Maybe? maybe not? Maybe girls would be girls if that were the way of the world. I think the best question we could ask is what is woman's nature? What is the real feminine sexuality? We haven't been able to express it fully. Anyone recall the witch trials? Or, blaming the rape victim? Up until about 30 years ago, it was permissible in court to ask a victim what she was wearing when she was raped. War crimes against women still occur today all over the world. Raping the opponent's women is a tactic of war. I'm kind of tired of wondering about a man's sexuality. how to make a man want you. how to please a man in bed, etc, etc. that's all you read. I would like to find out what really is women's sexuality. What do women truly desire? And, I would really like men to take responsibility for whatever they choose and to let women do the same. Look at some of these comments. IF men had to deal with what women deal with on a regular basis regarding looks, age, and the rampant sexuality of the other half they'd like to create a life with, men would be in the fetal position trying to manage the stress. But, if you want to fuck everything that moves, by all means, go for it. I could care less. Just do it openly. Don't get married. And, if you do, don't make stupid videos highlighting how much you still want to fuck everyone else. it's kind of disrespectful. just a tad