Friday, July 29, 2011

One-legged wrestler Anthony Robles is an ignoble cheater

I'll just quote someone else on the matter:

You probably have never wrestled before. we aint trying to hate on the dude, but he really does have some unfair advantages. I'll list a few.

1. Upper body strength. The people he wrestles have 2 legs, he is missing a leg there for he has more strength in his upper body. When you are on the ground wrestling upper body strength to control your opponent is huge. the fact is he has the upper body strength that should be wrestling in the 168lb weight class, not 125.

2. In wrestling the 1st thing u are taught is single and double leg take downs. It is impossible to use those moves against him. There are a lot of other moves as well that cant be used against him.

3. Who are u gonna practice against that only has one leg? his opponents cant prepare for him.

Props to the guy for his achievements, but he does have some unfair advantages over his opponents.

If this guy wanted a fair fight he'd be wrestling in a higher weight class at least. Then it would be impressive if he did well. Instead, he prefers to wrestle people way below his proper weight class and take the glory for it. He plays his advantage off as if it's a disadvantage. What an ass. And this is the type of guy who gets glorified on The Tonight Show? Please. Just goes to show once again that the vast majority of human beings are unthinking sheep.

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