Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fuck Sharon Osbourne's "The Talk" pseudo-apology

Sharon Osbourne today: "hahaha I do .... hahaha ... I do not.... hahaha .... I do not condone.... hahhahah.... genital.... muti.... hahahaha. ... mutilation"

5 days after she DID condone genital mutilation.

And it took her a few minutes to stop laughing enough to say it with a semi-straight face.

5 days and 2 minutes too fucking late.

Fuck that shit, and fuck that bitch.

It was not enough.


  1. Great. But can you put up the real link, or even embed the video?

    The link you sent has today's show. Changes every day.

  2. Can you give the time of the apology? I don't want to watch 40 minutes of this crap show just to see the apology.

  3. Oh nm it's right a the beginning of the show.