Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feminists have penis envy

I used to hear the word penis envy quite commonly when I was a kid, but I haven't heard it in a long time. Why? Because feminists have convinced most people it's "misogynistic". That's pretty fucking hilarious, considering that the entire reason feminism exists is penis envy. Ugly and/or old women who couldn't succeed with men and were envious of men's accomplishments decided they wanted to be just like men, since they weren't very good at being women, and that in order to do so they'd have to demonize real men so it would be easier to take their places.

So let's be honest. Feminists have penis envy. They hate men because we are successful, because we are masculine, because we make the vast majority of advances in science, technology, and the arts. They wish they were more like us, and they are ashamed of it. So they want to destroy men, boys, and masculinity and glorify women and femininity in an effort to make women appear superior to men, so that they need not feel ashamed of themselves.

Feminists don't realize there's nothing wrong with being female and making your own contributions to society without accepting unfair advantages over males. While they claim women are equal or better than men, they demand entitlements and special privileges for women, showing without a doubt that feminists actually believe women are inferior to men and need help to be "equal" to them. Now that's some real fucking misogyny.

Feminism = penis envy.