Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Doug Stanhope

Summary: We are NOT free. Liberty is dead.

"You want to fix the Pledge of Allegiance, put a disclaimer at the end: With liberty and justice for all (must be 18, void where prohibited, some restrictions may apply, not available in all states)."

And many more quips about government intrusion into our lives.

He also mentions the power of jury nullification, such as in cases of non-violent crimes and .09 BAC DUIs. Bravo.

"You're not free. You need a diploma in this country to cut hair." And it gets better.

Thanks again Tony.

edit: More on freedom from Remorhaz at Inmalafide:

I was born in America and lived there 38 years and now live in Asia. China is better than America. Japan is better than America. Thailand, Cambodia and even Laos are better than America and so is South Korea. Can’t speak for India. People who think America is the shit are usually poorly traveled and/or do not know what freedom is and deliberately wish remain ignorant and stupid (hint: freedom isn’t getting groped by morbidly obese TSA types). Funny that I have never had to endure those TSA monsters anywhere but the “land of the free”. America sucks and needs to die with whatever pieces that come out hopefully making it a great place again. Throw a dart at world map and chances are the place the dart hits is freer in real terms than is the U.S. provided you actually define freedom as being able to mind your own fucking business without constant interference by government types.

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