Saturday, July 9, 2011

On the "Move Over" law

Sometimes you can't move over to another lane (because there are CARS there). Sometimes you shouldn't slow down to 20 MPH under the speed limit (because there are CARS behind you).

When I see a police car on the side of the road I always try to move over and slow down to the speed limit, which is reasonable. REQUIRING that I slow down to 20 mph under the speed limit OR move over is STUPID, as in many cases this simply is not a SAFE thing to do.

By all means, penalize the jackasses who drive by going 80 mph in a 60 zone in the far right line. But don't penalize me for driving safely.

Texas drivers are terrible in general and selfish. I always let someone in when they're trying to change lanes, within reason. Most Austin drivers don't seem so courteous.

Besides, most of the speed limits posted on the highways in Texas are far too low - when they should be 70, they're 60. When they should be 65, they're 55. I'm sure plenty of people have been ticketed for driving safely but technically being over the arbitrary and silly speed limits.

In Texas, unlike in Michigan, it seems to be generally safest to drive faster than most other drivers, above the speed limit, and in the far left lanes, in order to avoid some asshole rear ending you. This is much safer than driving 5 or 10 under the speed limit in the far right lane, but technically it's illegal because I'm driving over the speed limit. Though from what I've seen, Houston is a lot worse than Austin in this regard.

Now if the cops are going to start ticketing people for driving safely and courteously even if they cannot slow down or change lanes when an emergency vehicle is on the side of the road, we know their priorities are fucked up.

If there's not enough REAL crime in Austin to justify the number of police we have, then we should have fewer police officers.

It seems Redditors don't care for the Austin police:

Fuck the police, and fuck the APD, in particular. Worthless, tax sucking pieces of shit.

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