Saturday, July 16, 2011

The superficiality and hubris of today's pop singers

Way too many singers out there rely on their looks for success and give no credit to the rest of the band. John Mayer, for example, was largely successful due to his looks, and it isn't "John Mayer and the dynamic duo" or "The John Mayer Band", it's just "John Mayer", even though there are several other musicians supporting him. That's hubris.

Maybe I'm picking on John Mayer a little bit because of his misandric song, Daughters, as mentioned in the comments in an article on Carrie Underwood's misandric song, Before He Cheats.

He's not alone. Most of the shitty superficial pop singers today are like this. Bunch of wanna-be divas.

And guess who eats up this shitty music? Women.

Was it always this way?

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