Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Western women are responsible for their hatred of men and boys

In my last post I linked to a comment thread on why western women behave like children. A TwoX poster had asked the following:

Why do I fucking open my mouth when I know I'm being irrational? Am I the only one that has trouble with this? Sometimes when I'm PMSing, or just in a lousy mood, I'll go off on someone (usually my SO) about the smallest of things. Meanwhile, in my head, I know I'm just being crazy and need to wait it out. However, I can't keep my mouth shut for some reason, and no matter how much I struggle with it, it just keeps coming out.

How on earth do I stop, ladies?

My response was:
Because you are a woman and you have no reason to control yourself due to your female privilege. When you behave like a child, you are rewarded. This is why western women behave so poorly- they can, so they often do.

You behave like a child, not an adult, and so you do not have the ability to control yourself like an adult. This is quite typical of western women. You don't take responsibility for your own actions, instead blaming them on men and "hormones" or anything else but your own lack of self-control.

Adults take responsibility for their actions. Children do not. Most western women do not. Remember that, "hormones_suck".

See also: http://avoiceformen.com/2011/05/16/princess-miserable-and-the-great-american-bitch-machine/

There's your explanation.

And another comment:

We have a lot of power in shaping our behavior. Feminism, however, is based on the idea that women are powerless victims who cannot be held accountable for their actions. Can you see how this might have negative consequences for women?

I want to make a statement regarding western women's quite common loathing for men and boys. You can see it everyday that most women have been convinced men are bad and women are victims, and that women can do no wrong. For a stark example of women's loathing and disregard for males, check out the women and audience of The Talk laughing at male genital mutilation. Men would never do the same to women, and if they had, they'd be fired the very same day.

Now a lot of people are going to excuse women for this because it's what they've been taught. Feminism has taught women to hate men, yes.

But you know what? I've been taught to believe a lot of things growing up, too. I used my noggin to decide what was right. MRAs tend to do that. We don't follow the status quo just because someone tells us to.

I expect the same from western women. Yes, most western women have an underlying loathing for males because it's what they've been taught - but that's no excuse.

So, western women, you are not blameless. I do not excuse your hatred or your disregard. Most of you are guilty of misandry to one degree or another, and there is no excuse for it.

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