Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is a mangina?

First of all, I'll say I didn't really care for the term "mangina" at first. It didn't sit right with me because it seemed like a cheap insult. But in fact, it's the best, most efficient way to describe a man who worships women and hates men.

Mangina: A female-pedestalizing, female-worshipping, male-hating male. It's not just a man who hates males. It is a man who also puts women above men in all things, who demonizes men and boys and also deifies women and girls. The term "misandrist" (man-hater) is insufficient to describe a mangina.

I found another good article on what a mangina is here, and I'll quote a few key portions here:

A 'mangina' is a term used by many men's rights activists to describe one of the worst scummy, slimy, little sycophantic creatures in the known universe today.

The mangina is a male feminist, he believes everything the media writes about men, the mangina has a mother fixation and believes that the female can do no wrong.

Manginas are loathsome creatures that would stab their own sex in the back, and smile as they do it, to them all men are rapists, thieves and wasters.

Also from AntZ in a comment at A Voice for Men:

Manginas are often the product of the sexist, brutal, and humiliating upbringing of a feminist mother. Manginas live in a twisted worldview where masculinity is base and vile, and where femininity is divine and pristine.

Emphasis mine.

The term "mangina" is not a slight against a man for not being "masculine enough". A mangina is a man who is a sycophant for women, a man who will flatter and fawn over women while demonizing other men in an attempt to win women's favor. Case in point: David Futrelle.

The simplest definition: A mangina is a male feminist (feminism = misandry + female supremacy). But "male feminist" doesn't really capture the pure vitriolic nature of the mangina, the hatred they have for other males and their pedestalization of women. Therefore, I prefer the term "mangina".

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