Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stupid Texas vice laws

Texas presents itself as against big government but they have a lot of stupid laws restricting vices in the name of morality (religion, see blue laws).

One example, the Texas Beer Laws:

Not to mention dry counties and that you can't buy liquor on Sundays. Fuck arbitrary religious "morality".

And Texas, too, has an arbitrary blood alcohol limit of .08 for driving even though they state explicitly in the Texas Driver's Handbook that different people may have different tolerances to alcohol - in other words, some people are not actually impaired enough to affect driving ability even if their BAC is above .08, and that's a fact.

They also have strict laws against "minors" - under 21 - drinking. It's called extended adolescence. So although you can be drafted to die in a profiteering war before you're 21, and you can go to jail for having sex with your 17 girlfriend when you're 18, God help you if you have a swig of beer or smoke a joint!

And of course, any cop can throw you in jail using public intox as an excuse if he doesn't like you if he claims he smells alcohol on your breath, even if you aren't harming anyone.

*Cough* police state.

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